A little plant of hope. 

This blog post is dedicated to the wonderful mum and her daughter who brightened up my dreary week. 

Through the years Blake has been at nursery we have gotten use to the non invites to birthday parties and social gatherings. In a way a blessing because nothing says ungreatful like a decline etc but sometimes it’s difficult to explain to others Blakes challenges. 

Now Blake exists in Blake land, so he tends not to play with other children, yet amazingly all his fellow classmates at nursery are highly accepting of him, they still say hello, even tho Blake cannot say hello back. Which is lovely, it’s the way as a society we should continue but unfortunately we do not. 

I picked Blake up from nursery same rushed routine, except for another parent came in just after, Blake tried to hurry out the door and I apologised for his lack of spacial awareness. She then proceeded to tell me how much her daughter loved Blake and that she’s even started to grow him a plant, because green is his favourite colour. How lovely is that. I didn’t really at the time know how to process it but when coming home it had really hit me, so if I seemed ungreatful I wasn’t, honestly my head was in the, it’s 12 minutes for a taxi we need to find a taxi asap to avoid a meltdown! 

So this is my thankyou! Thankyou for raising your daughter to become accepting and loving regardless of the differences you may have. Thankyou for showing me kindness. Thankyou for showing Blake kindess. You will never know how much today has meant to me. That plant is our little plant of hope. 


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