I’m sorry I can’t mentally invest myself in you currently.

This is an open letter to my friends and those who I matter to and who matter to me;

I am sorry I have been vacant, I am sorry I haven’t followed your life and loved your instagram posts. I am sorry I haven’t been able to pick up the phone. The reality is I am trying to fix myself, and fix my mental health as selfish as that may sound. Very few of you understand what its like to be a parent and even fewer understand the challenges that I am faced with daily, the challenges of communication that my son faces. I don’t offload on you because I don’t want to burden you.

My head is really fuzzy at the moment, and nothing but time will clear that. I need you to know I am not angry with you, nor have you done anything wrong, I am just trying to fix me, so that everyone else doesn’t suffer should I falter and fall.

My posts may annoy you and my work confuse you, but it is therapy to me. I am going through a process, a process I need to go through in order to accept and deal with things.

This all may sound very selfish, however I have put everyone’s needs before my own before, but right now I don’t need drama or ranting. I need peace and love.

That’s it for now, I hope you understand.


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