I’m bringing you live…

Its nearly midnight and here I am like an irresponsible adult in the middle of a nightclub blogging. I hate to say it I’m bored; I’m grown up, as everyone is partying I’m at here, slightly pissed, you know that sometimes wonderful creep of alcohol numbness; watching everyone make a complete twat out of themselves. I am sat at a table like a boring friend but in realness I am sat because I am exhausted. Today I photographed a wedding, pranced around town getting shit and sorted the kids for bed, I redid my makeup 4 times like I cannot be fucked to smile for your entertainment. I sit and watch the drama unfold before me; I think I’m too old for this shit; I have my own shit to deal with and I do. Why is it as a parent you cannot switch off that worry or at least for me! I’m sat here I should feel slightly free but I feel even more entangled than ever. In all this shit in general I am drowning, I will swim again may take me a while; 

Over and out; before drunk honest Ella rears her very ugly head! 


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