Cards for Blake

In a little over 2 weeks Blake is going to be 4. Now it’s crazy to think how fast those years have flown by. The challenges and changes we have all faced in those years. Every year around his birthday it’s a mix of emotion. Blake continues to develop slowly, really slowly, which is ok but as a human and parent you are filled with the what ifs. Because of Blakes communication disorder, Blake has no friends. We don’t get birthday invites except from my closest friends with children (1) and we have been but actually those have led to meltdowns and stares from people who don’t understand the challenges we all face. 

Social media is frivolous, and scrolling mundanely daily and seeing photos from birthday parties, living rooms filled with presents and cards fills me with sadness.  Blake gets a maximum of 4 cards. For me it’s not about presents, just cards. He loves cards, and he loves post, he tends to think all post is for him! We would love to find a pen pal and exchange birthday cards 🙂 or even setup a page so we could do this for children like Blake. 


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