I am no longer afraid.

What people thought of me use to trouble me as a teen. I always wanted to be fashionable, kind of idolised and loved. I never was any of those things, not by general people anyways. I have always been a little different. I have always been the weird kid and that is perfectly fine by me. It’s something I battled with for years, I just couldn’t accept myself. I accept who I am now, 3 years ago I stood as a different person to who I am today. 

I am stronger, I have a passion like no other. I will fight for what I believe in even if I stand alone. 

I love my odd coloured hair, it’s a way of expressing myself. 

I’m no longer afraid of what other people think of me. I am me, I am upfront, blunt and honest. I do not beat around the bush. I am a loyal friend, can be a little random but know mostly I will love and cherish my friends in my own little weird way.


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