Thinking about grades

I’ve been thinking about my degree; 

I have spent 5 long years trying to complete my degree, I have had two children within those 5 years. I get so competitive and hung up about grades, but I have recently had a massive revelation. The fact that I will complete a degree, whilst having had two children and going through an autism diagnosis with one is a massive achievement in itself. The resilience I have shown and the motivation to continue is a massive achievement too! 

My grade doesn’t matter; not really. It won’t define me as a human, sure it’s going to earmark a difficult period in my life, but that grade will not mean anything not really. Sometimes in life things happen, life happens; all your energy is put in other places than your academic ability meaning you cannot be in your academic prime. That is perfectly ok! We are here as humans for a short period of time and life is full of lessons, we often get too hung up on numbers. 

What matters is what I get from my degree! For me it’s strength, it’s the knowing that despite every obstacle thrown at me I battled and I continued. Its confidence that I have grown knowing that I know my trade, yes I will continue to learn but it’s the confidence in myself that I do know what I am doing, how to light and how to pose. 

As a human you are not better than anyone because of a grade. You may be better on paper, but that isn’t what constitutes as a better human. 


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